Monday, September 28, 2009

Selecting a Book Title Home Business
Finding a great title for your book can be one of the most challenging yet satisfying
processes you will go through. The title is the purpose of your book and very
important that it presents your book’s subject in the best way possible. It needs to
grab your audiences attention, make them question and think and act by picking up
the book and start reading and eventually buy.
You’ll need to go through a series of questions, digging deep into the why, how,
what motivated you to write the book in the first place… then dialogue and become the ‘devils
advocate’ coming up with as many arguments, ahem, questions, as possible so we flush out what the
underlying concept is.
One way is to write down a bunch of possibilities and have people vote, another way is to go through
the manuscript looking for ‘themes’ and writing them down, also any re-occurring words and then
haul out the Thesaurus and create a whole other list.
Then, start creating phrases of 3-5 words, short preferable. Look at them over and over and keep
reworking them until you get what you want. Hopefully, there will be some ‘meat’ in the title to assist
with the sell. And, of course, keeping in mind who the audience is for you book. What are their
interests, mind-set, demographic, etc that are another part of the equation.
Remember, do something every day toward your book and promotion.
Karrie Ross,