Friday, November 28, 2014

Impotence from Knowledge

"I never learned anything while I was talking." --Larry King

Practically every retail Big Data and analytics case study over the past decade explicitly referenced Tesco as "best practice." With the notable exception of Amazon, no global chain was thought to have demonstrably keener data-driven insight into customer loyalty and behavior.

Tesco was transformed into the market leader in the UK—with more than 30pc market share—by being able to respond to the demands of its customers

Tesco’s decline present a clear and unambiguous warning that analytics capabilities can not ward off the competitive advantage of lower prices and a simpler shopping experience.

There’s nothing new or unusual in a one-time business strength turning into an organizational weakness or an industrial irrelevance. But Big Data, predictive analytics, and customer insight aren’t a substitute for business competitiveness.

Sometimes we all have to go back to the fundamentals...........

See You at the Top