Tuesday, February 04, 2020

AI and Business

An idea does not pass from one language to another without change --------(Miguel de Unamuno 1913)

Recent estimates put the productivity impact of information and communications technology (ICT) and early digital technologies such as broadband at 0.6 percent annually during the 2000s

AI is already relatively applicable to real business problems and can have significant
impact in areas including marketing and sales, supply chain management, and manufacturing

Research has found that the introduction of robots in manufacturing and the introduction of IT accounted for 0.4 percent and 0.6 percent in annual productivity increases, respectively.

The EU has called for $24 billion to be invested in AI research by 2020.

The net effect on GDP and labor markets show that AI could add around 16 percent to global output by 2030, or about $13 trillion, compared with today. This would be incremental value created in addition to current global output.

Virtually all workers will need to adapt to work alongside machines in new ways

In fact, developing economies could potentially leapfrog advanced ones if they were to strengthen core enablers. An absence of legacy, inefficiencies in various parts of the economy, and the role of smart capital in overcoming skills issues may present attractive opportunities for the commercialization of AI use.

Two key questions?

1- How can individuals develop the skills that will be needed to power the AI economy and embrace       a culture of lifelong learning
2- How can businesses embrace AI and automation safely, addressing issues including data security,
   privacy, malicious use, and potential issues of bias?

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Friday, January 31, 2020

AI and CyberCrime

A citizen, first in war, first in peace and first to the hearts of his countrymen--------(Henry Lee on death of General Washington 1800)

In the ever-changing cyberthreat landscape, organizations will have to defend against increasingly complex and interconnected risk.

As organizations continue to grow, so do the size and complexity of their technology and data estates,
meaning attackers have more surfaces to explore and exploit.

AI has the potential to accelerate the volume of attacks as automation of tasks and enhancement
of malicious services further reduce barriers of entry and execution of attacks.

The tools to accomplish attacks are increasingly available on the Dark Web at decreasing costs, including cyber weapons stolen from the NSA and CIA. 

For example; 
The Ukraine power grid attack used spear phishing, industrial control, and disk wiping techniques that were all readily available on the black market, many of them previously stolen from NSA.

Checks and balances do not work as well for cyberwarfare where plausible deniability or even misdirecting the blame to someone else is common.

AI is not a single technology but a family of technologies. There are five broad
categories of AI technologies: computer vision, natural language, virtual assistants, robotic process
automation, and advanced machine learning. 

Hackers will likely use these tools to varying degrees

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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Police the Machines

Machine harm, like any other vice, requires no motive  outside itself. It only requires opportunity............... E.Sodipo

Technology is now deeply intertwined with our socio-technical systems at all levels. Softwares now constrains behavior with an efficiency that no law can match. Technology is literally creating a new world and policies can’t keep up.

Getting it wrong has become increasingly catastrophic and a growing constituency is starting to hold reckless tech businesses accountable.

Consider artificial intelligence (AI), the technology that has the potential to augment human decision making with something more scalable and faster. But also has the potential to entrench bias and codify undesirable acts. It can be hacked in new ways with new capabilities to disrupt and harm.

 Other technologies we should police are:
  • Critical Cybersecurity vulnerabilities 
  • Role of social media platforms in propaganda 
  • Bioengineering such as genome editing and synthetic biology
  • Robotics as a common consumer technology

Ethics owners and policy makers must navigate between avoiding measurable downside risk and promoting the upside benefits. Arguing against releasing a product before it undergoes additional testing for racial or gender bias is one thing. Arguing that a more extensive test will lead to greater sales is another thing.

Both are important but one sits with compliance the other with marketing. 

We should aim to achieve a robust process rather than a substantive outcome.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tech for Social Good

A man may build himself a throne of bayonets, but he cannot sit on it ............Philosophy of Plotinus 1923

Serving shareholders can no longer be the main purpose of corporation; rather, it needs to be about serving society, through innovation, commitment to a healthy environment and economic opportunity for all.

That strategic impulse to identity a higher purpose that would galvanize the organization could be found through

  • New growth: how successful has the company been at creating new products, new markets and new business models, this includes revenue outside the core 
  • Repositioning the core: how effectively has the company  adapted its traditional core business to changes or disruptions in its markets
  • Financials: has it turned around its businesses from losses or slow growth

Siemens moved beyond the purpose of maximizing shareholder value to a mission of “serving society” This transformation began in 2014 that called for harnessing technologies such as AI and Internet of Things. USA CEO Barbara Humpton says “ ownership culture is central to everything”, Infusing a higher purpose into the company called for pushing decision making out from the center to every business unit so employees feel they have a stake 

This shift will redeploy capital to its Digital Industry and Smart Infrastructure business focused on energy efficiency, renewable power storage, distributed power and electric vehicle mobility.

Company like Netflix in 2013 when the CEO Reed Hastings released a memo to employees and investors detailing a commitment to move from just distributing content digitally to become a leading producer of original content that could win an Oscar.

Since unveiling that new purpose, Netflix revenue has tripled and profits at 32 fold

In 2019, Tencent refined its mission in response to technology’s dominance in our lives, boiling it down to “ tech for social good” developing educational content and services for schools and education management. Tencent has now become the first Asian company to surpass $500 billion in market valuation.

Businesses for the future should leverage on a purpose driven mission 

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Monday, September 30, 2019

The Science of Happiness

One is not born into the world to do everything but to do something.........Henry David Thoreau

Happiness  is your responsibility, we have no right to consume happiness without producing it.

Japanese Psychiatrist Akiyoshi Kitaoka created images designed to help viewers of the images determine their state of mind. Essentially, if you look at these images and they appear to be still (RELAXED), moving slowly (MID-STRESS) and faster moving around (HI-STRESS). Your result???

There seems to be more than one way to view happiness, let’s review it in relation to stress.

A useful working definition of stress is

You are exposed to a threat that would normally call for action to correct it, You are either prevented from taking action or you take an action that is ineffectiveAs a result the threat remains

Useful Technique:
  • You can diffuse situations via physical contact with another person, holding hands, hugging...
  • Making friends with someone who is interested in you, who will empathize and listen
  • Deep abdominal breathing relieves anxiety and makes it easier to cope with tension
  • Houseplants and pets help reduce psychological stress
  • Music preferably instrumentals, because lyrics could stimulate  cognitive activity. Most effective with dimmed lights
  • Writing down your worries, accepting problems you can’t change and finding solutions for those you can control

Truly successful people are not overburdened by stress. Largely because they perceive stress as an opportunity to learn and invest in altruism, recognizing the need to see beyond their personal needs and devote time to helping others.

Research has shown that attitude towards self and the world is the key to managing stress. So enjoying the moment can free your mind from concerns and tensions.

Social Isolation is a threat to health and longevity with higher mortality than smokers, obese and hypertensive. An Ohio State University study found that spouses in bad marriages have drastically suppressed immune system.

According to Guthrie and Picciano, emotional stress such as fear, anxiety and anger increase the secretion of adrenaline. If stress continues for any length of time, the adrenal glands also increase their output of the steroid hormone, cortisol from the outer cortex. Cortisol hormone is known to 
suppress  the immune function.

Acute and prolong stress can result in a number of symptoms.

Useful Techniques

Thought Awareness is the process by which you observe your thought and Rational Thinking is a technique that helps you to challenge these negative thoughts to either learn from them or refute them as incorrect.

From Fullness, comes Fullness yet Fullness Remains........Stay Happy

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Invisible Energy

The services of advisors, instructors, efficiency experts in successful management are indispensable to most business enterprises of magnitude, but I deem the recognition and adoption of right principles to be of vastly more importance ———- Elbert Gary, chairman United States Steel Corporation

Why do some men seem to attract success power, wealth, love with very little conscious effort while others conquer with great difficulty; still others fail altogether to reach their desires and ideals.

Could there be an invisible force?

At the depth of the invisible  force we find energy at its purest and most volatile state.

When the creative power of thought is fully understood, it’s effect is visible and marvelous. But such results is secured only through diligence and concentration

This understanding will enable us to control our health, strengthen our memory and develop our insight; the kind that distinguishes successful business men, the kind that enables men discern opportunities through the ages.

Therefore the most powerful forces of nature are the invisible forces and this forces are enabled through the process of thinking and disabled through fear.

Thinking is an activity of the spirit and thought is a product of thinking. 

For the creative power has not giving us the spirit of fear but of boldness and of a sound mind.

Reasoning is a spiritual process, ideas are spiritual conceptions, questions are spiritual searchlights and logic, argument, philosophy are spiritual machinery.

Hence even physical science has resolved matter into molecules, molecules into atoms and atoms into invisible energy.

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