Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Holidays


Since New Years is the time to resolve to make changes;
How many of these Top 10 New Years Resolutionsare on your list?

1) Lose Weight and Get In Better Shape
2) Stick to a Budget
3) Debt Reduction
4) Enjoy more Quality Time With Friends and Family
5) Find My Soul Mate
6) Quit Smoking
7) Find a Better Job
8) Learn Something New
9) Volunteer and Help Others
10) Get Organized

To your health and Wealth in 2007 and beyond!
Happy Holidays to you and your family

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hot Sites to Watch


Here a few of the web's rising stars:

PINGER.COM - Lets you send voice mail from mobile phone to an email address

DOOSTANG.COM - An invitation only career-networking site; aims to be a facebook for the Morgan Stanley crowd.

37SIGNALS.COM - Elegant, easy to use; offers web-based software for project collaboration .

PANDORA.COM - Takes song you like and creates an instant radio station that suits your taste.

BLURB.COM - From pictures, ducuments, recipes or a blog, creates a professional- looking book for as little as $30.00

ACTIVE.COM - An online community and information site for athletes

BREAK.COM - A video site for young men

COLLEGEHUMOR.COM - A commedy site

DEVIANTART.COM - A community for artists

DIVX - Creates software and tools for video

GLOBAL GAMING LEAGUE - An online community for gamers

TECHNORATI - Searches through blogs for information (blogoshere)

and ofcourse a lot has been said about MYSPACE and YOUTUBE