Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Weaponizing Uncertainties

Government of the busy by the bossy for the bully..............Arthur Seldom (1990 British Economist 1916 - 2005)

Both the US and China have demonstrated they are willing to weaponize global trade and supply chains.
Russia and Saudi are weaponizing oil supply

When economies politicize their most important trading relationships, innovation and supply chain systems become more regional and less global.

As the rifts widen, they’ll risk becoming permanent, casting a geopolitical chill over global business.

Global geopolitics will need to factor a broader rise of Asia; A world comprising of three major blocs.
While EU promotes a citizen-centric model, China a state-centred one. The US lacks a unifying message, with an inconsistent and unilateral foreign policy around the globe. America’s status as the home of opportunity and world’s moral guardian is weaker.

Significant players whose alignment is unclear, includes Russia, brexit Britain, the major African and Pacific economies.

Demanding a seat at the table, are the major technology platforms;
Multinationals have become influential political actors as governments shaped global trade, regulatory, and tax regimes in their favor. These firms have in turn exerted influence on policy.

A Recent Survey:
1- Believe that Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix and YouTube have an overall positive
   effect on society, unlike Facebook and Twitter who have the highest negative impact score.
2- 56 percent said the government should break up tech companies if they control too much of the

Larger cities bring those super-linear benefits of greater innovation, but they also see non-linear increases in the incidence of public health problems.

Growing cities in Africa and Asia may witness the challenges of urbanisation and may prove a fertile environments for innovation at the edge.

Intellectual property laws should change as economies continue their rapid shift towards intangible rather than tangible assets. As work shifts away from the bundle of full-time employment and a welfare net, a new model is also required

We do not always have enough clarity of when technical breakthroughs will occur or how political forces will shape the global influence of technologies, health care or stock market; Hence unfortunately economies weaponize uncertainties.

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