Friday, May 14, 2010

Keeping International Business Simple

The Internet has exponentially increased the ease of working with international customers and suppliers. The Internet Technology eliminates a lot of boundaries and makes it convenient to conduct business globally.

Doing business overseas.

1.Start simple. Start with Anglo-Phone countries with a legitimate banking system and established regulations.

2.Communication. Ongoing Communication maintains Trust and understanding with your partners which is crucial in International Trade.

3.Unique Product. Offer Uniqueness otherewise someone in a different country will undercut you on price.

4.Get Help. Get professional advise, it does not have to be expensive, there are lots of free resources provided by the government on brokers and freight forwarders.

5.Exercise Caution: There are plenty of fraudsters ready to prey on the Ill-Informed Entreprenuer. Remember; there is no Free lunch.

Enjoy the Business and Have Fun