Thursday, August 13, 2009

Steps To a Perfect Press Release HomeBusiness

Businesses need to get their press releases read by the media. But first they need a catchy subject line for those press releases, so how do you draft the perfect headline ?

Follow these 12 steps.

1. It needs to be short with few words.
2. Write for your targeted audience.
3. Abbreviations and slang are good for Headlines
4. You can make a statement, a prediction, raise a question, state a statistic or report news
5. The statement is something bold: Gordon Brown Must Resign, says economist
6. The question makes you think: Should Gordon Brown resign? asks economist
7. The statistic paints a picture: 62% say Brown should resign
8. News hits hard: Brown Is One Step Away From Resigning
9. Predictions have lots of feexibility: Brown Could Resign Tomorrow
10. Referencing something in the news is always helpful
11. Link your headline to things that matter most: love, health, wealth, fun, beauty, art,business
12. Start your story with the word: EXCLUSIVE

Now go get the PUBLICITY