Monday, July 27, 2009

A Little Advertising Tip Homebusiness Ideas

'PPC' ('pay-per-click') adverts...The interesting thing about these adverts is the fact that you can actually pay less than someone else competing on the same keywords- even if your search result is placed higher which traditionally should cost more.

The question is Why?

If you are more 'relevant' than they are, then you will pay less than they do...all other things being equal i.e your main site is relevant

How is 'relevancy' determined?

The more people who click your advert as compared with the number who see it will suggest that you are more relevant. In other words, if your advert is shown 1,000 times and you get 100 people clicking through and your competitor only gets 50'click throughs' per 1,000 ad times -then you're more 'relevant' and you pay less.

This kind of logic applies to eBay too - the more relevant you are the higher you are in the search results.