Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good Communication Skills Business Ideas

Effective Comunications is a major key to your personal and business success. Knowing when to initiate a conversation, keeping it interesting and asking effective questions

Create effective communications by following these seven steps:

Step 1: Exude confidence. When you're comfortable in your own attributes, you make others comfortable. If you take the attitude that you bring something to the table, you will see that attitude reflected in others. Enthusiasm is infectious.

Step 2: Show up with something to say. Always be on the lookout for material. Although it may sound contrived, read Journals for interesting, timely information that you can share at a party, meetings or business. Think about keeping a file that you can review before your next event.

Step 3: Begin with a question. Besides showing interest in someone, one simple question can start an entire conversation. Asking something a bit unusual sets you apart from the crowd. Rather than, "What do you do?" ask, "How do you enjoy spending your weekends?"

Step 4: Find common ground. The surest way to build rapport is to find something you have in common and build on that interest. Don't shy away from topics that have nothing to do with business. They often crate the perfect connection.

Step 5: Focus on others. Putting your energy and interest in another person marks you as a great conversationalist.

Step 6: Be inclusive. Excluding others in the group is a conversation killer. Make eye contact with everyone in the group, not just the person who asked you a direct question.

Step 7: Close a conversation with style, take advantage and say, "It's been my pleasure talking with you, I hope our paths cross again soon." Before leaving, be certain to thank the hosts.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Build Your Passive Income Business Ideas


Works best when focused on what the marketplace wants to buy
Income is entirely dependent on time spent working
The goal is to work as hard as possible
Income potential is inherently limited
Finite, non-replenishing capital sources will support you for a limited length of time beyond retirement


Works best when you first focus on what you know and what you love
The amount of money you make is not tied to the amount of time you work
The goal is freedom from work
No limit to the amount of money you can generate
Unfixed, continually growing revenue sources will support you indefinitely, whether you work or not

Passive income is money that is generated AUTOMATICALLY and REGULARLY, from a source or MULTIPLE SOURCES other than your job. And it’s exciting for a number of reasons.
For starters, building wealth through passive income:

• Doesn’t require you to change careers or work two jobs. A good passive income source requires very little of your time and energy to initially set up or to maintain
• Minimizes your taxes and keeps more cash in your pocket. Because passive income is unearned, it isn’t subject to the same tax rates. So you enjoy the double bonus of working far less for that money, and keeping much more of it
• Releases you from job dependence and makes you truly financially free. It’s like having a wealth-building machine that runs all on its own and makes money
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

When you’re spending time at your regular job, your passive income is working for you.
When you prop your feet up in front of your TV at home, you’re still making money.
When you enjoy the weekend doing what you love, you’ll love all the extra cash.
When you are sound asleep at two in the morning, your passive income is wide awake.
If your job disappeared tomorrow, or if something happened that made it impossible for you to perform it, your financial life would be virtually untouched.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Search Engine Optimisation Strategy Homebusiness Ideas
Use the following on and off site stratetegies for effective SEO optimisation

Onsite Optimization:

Keyword Research and Selection
Titles tags Generation
Meta tags Optimization
ALT tags Optimization
Hyperlink Optimization
Sitemap Generation
XML Sitemap creation and submission in Google
Proper linking structure
W3C validation of homepage

Offsite Optimization:

Link popularity analysis
Link Generation by one way links.
Analysis and Reporting

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Great Free Tools For Online Business Homebusiness Ideas

The great news is, there are tons of free tools available online!Here are some of our favorites, in no particular order:

Tool #1: Alexa toolbar Alexa toolbar gives you instant information about any website you visit.It's a downloadable "plugin" for your browser (IE or Firefox) and shows you a site's traffic, pagerank, related sites, who's linking in, and much more.It's one of our "must-have" research tools!

Tool #2: Google Website Optimizer offers this free "multivariate" and A/B testing tool to help you improve your conversion rate -- and your sales! -- by testing different versions of your site content to see which gets the best results.Google offers tips on what and how to test, so even if you're a "newbie," this tool can help you boost your site performance.

Tool #3: XML Sitemaps quick and easy sitemap generator helps search engine spiders find their way around your site and index it faster so you can rank better in the search results.(And for 5 bucks, this site has a broken link finder that will search up to 500 pages for you.)

Tool #4: AdWords Keyword tool Google AdWords Keyword Tool is a free tool that provides ideas for new keywords. It also gives you graphs showing the relative number of searches to amount of competition for those keywords among AdWords advertisers.This tool is invaluable both for your niche research and for your SEO and pay-per-click efforts.

Tool #5: Optiview is a free site analysis tool. It lets you find out what your site looks like when it loads at different speeds and checks for images that make your site load slower than it should.The faster your site loads, the better -- which is why a tool like Optiview is such a big help.

Tool #6: Quantcast you like to find out who is coming to you site? It's really easy with this free tool that shows your audience's age, education gender, income and more.

Tool #7: Google Alerts simple tool helps you keep up with the latest news in your industry, get ideas for content, and check out your competitors.When it comes to research, Google Alerts are a huge time saver!

Tool #8: Blogger is the twelfth most popular website in the WORLD. And it's the easiest way to get your own blog up and running in as little time as possible.With a blog, you can publish articles -- or any other kind of content related to your market -- and link it to your website to get higher rankings in the search engines!

Tool #9:Audacity is a free audio recorder and editor you can use if you want to include any audio on your site. Plus, it's great for recording instant podcasts!

Tool #10: Youtube days, people are demanding more multimedia features on a website... and that includes video.YouTube allows you to host your videos on their site and makes it easy for you to show those videos on your site, as well. It's not just a time waster, it can help spread the word about your business!... So those are 10 of our favorite free tools.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Get the Ideas From Forums Homebusiness Ideas

1. Go to or and use the search facilities to find forums related to the market you want to create a product for.

2. Sign up to a few of the forums and make a few posts. Don't instantly start posting asking for help with your research you'll be shot down by all the forum regulars. A good way to avoid being shot down is be a "marketing ninja". Stay under the radar and don't give away that you are an Internet entrepreneur looking for a few ideas.

A great way to do this is make a "newbie" post introducing yourself. So for example lets say you wanted to find out what problems pregnant women want solved. You could go to and type in "pregnancy". Then you could sign up to these free forums and make a "newbie" post like this one:

"Hi my names Josephine and I'm new to the group. I'm pretty nervous about the whole pregnancy thing so thought I'd come here for support. My husband's great, but he just can't seem to understand why I'm so worried about every little thing (like are you allowed to eat mozzarella? Is it o.k. to use the cream with rose oil in it?). I seem to spend my whole time checking what's 'safe' and what isn't and he thinks that's crazy! Hopefully some pregnant women here will be a bit more understanding :c)"

See how you'll be "under the radar" due to that post? After that make a couple of posts a day for a week or so. Then you're ready for the research.

3. Make a post asking people what their biggest problem or question they have in your chosen niche market is. An example might be this:

"Hi all. I was just wondering what problems you've encountered with being pregnant that you'd like to be able to overcome? For me it's back ache!"

What you'll find is people will start posting like crazy to what you ask. These online communities are desperate to help "one of their own", whereas if you go in their as an entrepreneur they'll be a bit stand offish. When you do it in this under the radar way you'll find people will tell you all of their problems.

4. You leave the forum for a week or so and then come back. I assure you you'll be stunned at the results you get. All you need to do is go through the answers people have given you and identify the common problems they are having.

Finally you create a product that answers those questions or solves the problems they have - easy!

See You at the Top