Friday, September 24, 2010

Technological Trend

The trend here is for new technologies to be made available for
the consumer market before they are available to the business market.

Businesses are under pressure to use these new technologies. Younger
employees simply are not satisfied with using outdated technology.
They're either going to figure out ways around the corporate security
rules, or change jobs to a trendy company.

With cloud computing a lot more employee computing devices are nothing
more than dumb terminals with a browser interface; When corporate e-mail
is all webmail, corporate documents are all on GoogleDocs, and when all the
specialized applications have a web interface, it's easier to allow employees
to use any up-to-date browser

Senior management may also pressure security out of the way, they may
want to get to the company's databases from their brand new iPad.

With these pressure from employees and senior management, it is going to be
harder and harder to say no.