Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Online Marketing and Free Software

Seasons Compliments..............

Here is a perfect example of good Internet Marketing; please let me know if you are willing to take advantage of this:

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Merry Xmas and enjoy the holiday

Monday, December 06, 2010

Why Joint Ventures

A joint venture is a business relationship
- hopefully, a mutually advantageous one
- between two (or more) parties.

It is not a merger, a general partnership, or an ongoing business agreement.
It's not you buying someone else's company or them buying yours. It's not an equity sharing or equity position in anybody's company. It's not a private placement.

It is a single-purpose, shared business activity that can create massive profits...

  • Without a lot of expenditure on your part...
  • Without a lot of tooling up in terms of equipment, staff, or facilities...
  • Without taking all the risk/work on your own shoulders...
Simply put, joint ventures are:- The fastest way to make a fortune.
- The easiest way to make a fortune.
- The safest low-risk way to make a fortune.
- The best way to create/leverage business relationships that make you a fortune.

By its very nature, short-term. You can try one out for a trial period of a few weeks or months. A new joint venture can then be refined from this initial effort. Any arrangement you make with your JV partner proceeds only if it works to the advantage of both parties. If it doesn't, you terminate the relationship.

Most Internet marketers function through joint ventures. However, not all of them are as profitable as originally hoped. This is often because sufficient due diligence had not been done by the prospective JV partners, and the "match" was not - to use an old adage - made in heaven.

Even when the partnership has merit, failure often stems from inefficient, ineffective communication between the parties. To be truly successful, any joint venture you take on should be carefully thought out, and the parameters should be spelled out in a signed contract. The plan of action needs to be monitored, as does the income generated.

You usually find suitable JV partners by establishing rapport with other businesspeople you come across while conducting your own business - even those in different industries. At some point, an opportunity arises to combine forces.

Keep in mind that workable deals take time to mature and finalize. So, to give yourself the best chance of arriving at a truly rewarding alliance, it's a good idea to enter into more than one joint venture with more than one partner.

Keep in mind, too, that most joint ventures are unique, and the best ones will be the result of applying your own imagination and creativity to form the best win/win situation for you and your partner.

The success of your joint ventures will be limited by only two things: your own creativity and your own sense of what's possible. Make sure your joint ventures are profitable for all involved, meet legal guidelines, and operate in an ethical manner - and the sky is the limit!

Extract From Rich-- Strategic Profit