Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Online Marketing and Free Software

Seasons Compliments..............

Here is a perfect example of good Internet Marketing; please let me know if you are willing to take advantage of this:

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Merry Xmas and enjoy the holiday

Monday, December 06, 2010

Why Joint Ventures

A joint venture is a business relationship
- hopefully, a mutually advantageous one
- between two (or more) parties.

It is not a merger, a general partnership, or an ongoing business agreement.
It's not you buying someone else's company or them buying yours. It's not an equity sharing or equity position in anybody's company. It's not a private placement.

It is a single-purpose, shared business activity that can create massive profits...

  • Without a lot of expenditure on your part...
  • Without a lot of tooling up in terms of equipment, staff, or facilities...
  • Without taking all the risk/work on your own shoulders...
Simply put, joint ventures are:- The fastest way to make a fortune.
- The easiest way to make a fortune.
- The safest low-risk way to make a fortune.
- The best way to create/leverage business relationships that make you a fortune.

By its very nature, short-term. You can try one out for a trial period of a few weeks or months. A new joint venture can then be refined from this initial effort. Any arrangement you make with your JV partner proceeds only if it works to the advantage of both parties. If it doesn't, you terminate the relationship.

Most Internet marketers function through joint ventures. However, not all of them are as profitable as originally hoped. This is often because sufficient due diligence had not been done by the prospective JV partners, and the "match" was not - to use an old adage - made in heaven.

Even when the partnership has merit, failure often stems from inefficient, ineffective communication between the parties. To be truly successful, any joint venture you take on should be carefully thought out, and the parameters should be spelled out in a signed contract. The plan of action needs to be monitored, as does the income generated.

You usually find suitable JV partners by establishing rapport with other businesspeople you come across while conducting your own business - even those in different industries. At some point, an opportunity arises to combine forces.

Keep in mind that workable deals take time to mature and finalize. So, to give yourself the best chance of arriving at a truly rewarding alliance, it's a good idea to enter into more than one joint venture with more than one partner.

Keep in mind, too, that most joint ventures are unique, and the best ones will be the result of applying your own imagination and creativity to form the best win/win situation for you and your partner.

The success of your joint ventures will be limited by only two things: your own creativity and your own sense of what's possible. Make sure your joint ventures are profitable for all involved, meet legal guidelines, and operate in an ethical manner - and the sky is the limit!

Extract From Rich-- Strategic Profit

Friday, November 05, 2010

Bribery in a Security Perspective

The Bribery Act 2010 comes into force in April 2011 in Uk, and it is important we are all well-informed about it. The Act creates offences of individuals or commercial organisations giving or receiving a bribe. If a commercial organisation has committed an offence, any senior officers who have consented or connived are also liable. The Act creates a new, separate offence of bribing a foreign official. It also creates an offence of failing to prevent bribery.
The offence of bribery can be committed by anyone associated with the company -- this will capture employees, subsidiaries, agents, joint venture partners and anyone who provides a service for the organisation. The bribery can take place anywhere in the world and the Act specifically makes no allowance for local custom or practice in foreign jurisdictions. It is a strict liability offence and a statutory defence is only available if the organisation can show it had "adequate procedures" in place to prevent Bribery.
Consider the recent events in China


"China has barred a GlaxoSmithKline executive from leaving
the country as it turns up the heat on the drugmaker over
allegations of corruption.

Steve Nechelput, finance director for GlaxoSmithKline China,
has been prevented from traveling outside China since the
end of June.

The U.K. drugmaker has been accused by China of using a
network of more than 700 travel agencies and other firms to
channel bribes to health officials since 2007

It would be an interesting terrain to observe

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.” — Helen Keller

Friday, September 24, 2010

Technological Trend

The trend here is for new technologies to be made available for
the consumer market before they are available to the business market.

Businesses are under pressure to use these new technologies. Younger
employees simply are not satisfied with using outdated technology.
They're either going to figure out ways around the corporate security
rules, or change jobs to a trendy company.

With cloud computing a lot more employee computing devices are nothing
more than dumb terminals with a browser interface; When corporate e-mail
is all webmail, corporate documents are all on GoogleDocs, and when all the
specialized applications have a web interface, it's easier to allow employees
to use any up-to-date browser

Senior management may also pressure security out of the way, they may
want to get to the company's databases from their brand new iPad.

With these pressure from employees and senior management, it is going to be
harder and harder to say no.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Social Media Security


There are different ways to look at user data:

Some of it you give to the social networking site in confidence,
expecting the site to safeguard the data.
Some of it you publish openly and others use it to search for you. 
some of it you share only within a circle of other users.

At the back end, social networking sites can monetize all of the data:
generally by selling targeted advertising. Users often do not mind if
a site uses its data to target advertisements, but users are
less appreciative when it sells that data to third parties.

Different social networking sites give users different rights for each
data type:
Some are always private,
some are always public.
Some can be edited or deleted 
Some can be viewed and some cannot.

It is fundamental that users should have different rights with respect to
each data type. Users should be allowed to export, change, and delete disclosed data. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ebook Versus Published Books

Sony claims eBOOKS is set to overtake paper BOOKS in 5years.
What does this mean to your business?

Within five years there will be more digital content sold than physical content, the initial prediction was for ten years, but as Sony is experiencing the same patterns in the digitization of music and photography this will be repeated in the book
market within the next 5 years.

eBOOK reader sales soar
Global ebook reader shipments totaled 1.43 million units in the first quarter of 2010.
Global ebook reader shipments from manufacturers to vendors in April-May 2010 reached
740,000 units, with Barnes & Noble's nook accounting for 37% and Amazon's Kindle
trailing at 16%.
You can view more statistics at

Friday, May 14, 2010

Keeping International Business Simple

The Internet has exponentially increased the ease of working with international customers and suppliers. The Internet Technology eliminates a lot of boundaries and makes it convenient to conduct business globally.

Doing business overseas.

1.Start simple. Start with Anglo-Phone countries with a legitimate banking system and established regulations.

2.Communication. Ongoing Communication maintains Trust and understanding with your partners which is crucial in International Trade.

3.Unique Product. Offer Uniqueness otherewise someone in a different country will undercut you on price.

4.Get Help. Get professional advise, it does not have to be expensive, there are lots of free resources provided by the government on brokers and freight forwarders.

5.Exercise Caution: There are plenty of fraudsters ready to prey on the Ill-Informed Entreprenuer. Remember; there is no Free lunch.

Enjoy the Business and Have Fun

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting Buyers to keep your Goods

How do you get happy customers and how do you get them to become regular satisfied buyers?

-You could try offering bonus gifts and product updates that extend beyond the refund date for your product, this will make people less likely to return goods.

- Offer genuine value for money, include free gifts, unadvertised bonus, add a friendly letter to outgoing packages, and you will also find most people reluctant to request a refund without good reason.

- Sell less expensive goods to generate first time buyers, for example; ebooks or accessories such as guitar strings and wool, and then offer more expensive products, (guitars and knitting machines!), as back end products

- Ask buyers for feedbacks, this will help you spot regular complaints for possible inferior products and allows you to make improvements or drop products with high refund rates.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Managing Crises

Triumph and Crises are cyclical, our success in business and personal lives depends on how effectively we manage all seasons:
  • There is always a solution to a problem
  • Crises need to be looked at as opportunities
  • Crises should galvanise you to action and stimulate your creative thinking
  • The solution to a problem is often an improvement on the situation that existed before the problem
  • Crises help you break uncreative habits
  • Giving up is the only guaranteed method of losing
  • Solutions to problems will often come from the most unexpected sources
  • In problem situations, keep your eyes and mind wide open and expand the membership of your team
  • It is not over until it is over - and even then it is not over
Extrcts from Mind Maps by Tony Buzan

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Productive Season  Business Ideas
People hardly earn above their personal development, here are a few things that can make this a productive season:
Poverty is not a lack of material things. It is the lack of dreams.

Honor your loved ones by living a life they can be proud of.

To love and to be loved is the greatest of human connections.

Common human experiences such as marriage, children and friendship, shape peoples lives. Enjoy more of life experiences.

Invest regularly in your professional, personal and spiritual growth.

Plant the seeds today and harvest in the fruits tomorrow.

Your time might be the only thread of hope for a friend.

Let the people you care about know you care.

Do not let fear of failure cripple your determination to succesd .
Opportunities are cyclical, when you get a second chance embrace her with all your might.

Learn to commit 100% to everything you do.
People do not succeed because they have talents or knowledge, they succeed because of how they use those skills.

Have a great season