Sunday, January 07, 2018

Start the Debate

“Often pleasant, seldom pleasing — but certainly not disruptive are dicisions made without debate”.......Emmanuel Sodipo

Research has shown that how one defines and identifies with entrepreneurial role, affects ones
ability to amass key resources. While investors allocate significantly more money to disrupters, that capital is deployed less efficiently because disrupters’ flashy ideas may energize and inspire others, it might not be enough to keep them.

Operating models must define ways of working and behaviors that bring your cooperate strategy to life

Consider these three cooperate models:
  • Your company’s promise to its customer is lowest costs, is everyone focused on cost control?
  • Your reputation is built on superb service, is everyone highly attuned to how they affect the customer experience?
  • Your brand is on high-performance, what behaviors are nonnegotiable and how you’re enabling them?

Now consider these three personal profile:

  • I am a passionate innovator who loves helping fast-growing companies excel. I create the
    greatest value when leading or advising an organization where there is a need to
    disrupt existing solutions to achieve growth and value.
  • I am a builder of things. My purpose is to build systems and tools that allow for things to be done with greater
    intelligence, with less friction. I surround myself with like-minded people who see the possibilities and find a
    way to make them a reality.
  • I am diligent, loyal and a believer, I have faith in God and all things work together for good, the wealth of
    the wicked shall be transferred to the rightous
What personal profile best match the listed cooperate model?
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