Monday, June 30, 2008

Facts About FAQ Business Ideas

Your FAQ page can actively attract traffic to your site, establish your credibility, and make sales for you. Not bad for a "functional" admin page!
Lure traffic to your site with your FAQ page!

Have you optimized your FAQ page with keywords yet?

Think about it. This is the perfect place.

You can use long-tail keyword questions about your product -- the questions people actually type in to the search engines when they have a problem that your item can solve. In fact, you can use those "problem statements" in both the questions AND the answers to make the search engines really sit up and take notice!

Your FAQ page is also a great place for product names and other specifics that people search on when they're ready to buy.

And the more frequently you update your FAQ with your best-performing keywords, the more often the spiders will crawl all over it and boost your search rankings.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Optimize your site for local search Business Ideas

What is involved in getting top search engine rankings for the region you want?

1. Use "geo-keywords"
First, decide on how specific to be with your location. The smaller the geographic location, the more targeted your customers will be... although of course you will appeal to a smaller audience. The restaurant in Los Angeles would want to include "Los Angeles" and "LA." But he'll also have to say exactly where he is -- the city, the neighborhood... even the street. People will use all those terms when they perform their searches. And here's a tip: When you're deciding on the location keyword, think about how locals would search for it. For example, Southern California is often referred to as "SoCal;" while residents of Port Coquitlam in British Columbia call it "Poco." If you're targeting locals, you definitely have to speak their language and use those keywords on your site. Make sure you work your location keywords into your copy and code wherever possible.
Use them in your headlines and subheads. And throughout your copy for extra impact. One of the pages on your website should be a directions page, complete with a Google map. By using location keywords often you'll tell the search engines that your site is relevant for those words.

2. Display your address and phone number
Have your full street address on the footer at the bottom of each page and on the side navigation bar. Include a phone number with a local area code. This will give the search engines all the information they need to nail your location.

3. Get inbound local links
Search engines reward you for having links pointing to your website from other reputable sites and organizations. Local directories give you an easy way to build up your inbound links... and get your site seen by highly targeted groups of local buyers! You can submit your site to:

Goog411 --
Yahoo Local Business -- -- Yellow Pages --
Ask Local --
MSN Local/Live Maps/InfoUSA --
CitySearch --
SuperPages --
Internet Yellow Pages --
Better Business Bureau --
Chambers of Commerce -- --

Most of these directories offer both free and paid listings. Test out the free service before upgrading to paid to see if it works for you without having to pay any further fees.
Don't forget to look for other local directories and networks too.
Search on "location name + directories" and see what comes up.
More and more are appearing every day!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Marketing Fundamentals Business Ideas

1. Wrong location means wrong audience:
Take your pitch to the City where there are plenty of 'boys' with money who would love nothing better than to splash out on riding around in a red Ferrari for the day.
Know the target market you want and take your products to them.

2. Good product knowledge:
As good sales person, you need to know your product's benefits inside out. Even if you don't have any interest, then you need to step outside your comfort zone and immerse yourself in the product.
What are the end benefits to the user?
What differentiates your product or service from all the others out there?
What makes your offer unique?
What makes the offer urgent?
How rare is it?
How fast does it go?

3. Engage the prospect:
This is one of the simplest sales techniques - never ask a question that expects a simple yes or no answer. "Would you like to hire this Aston Martin for the day?" "Er, not today thanks!" Much better to try something like . . . "How would your mates feel if you pulled up in this car tomorrow morning?"

4: Respect your prospect:
Never intimidate, disrespect or bully your prospect. In fact, do not hard sell all. As the great adman David Ogilvy said: "The consumer is not a moron, she is your wife. Never write an advertisement you would not want your own family to read. You would not tell lies to your wife. Don't tell them to mine."
If you product is strong, your pricing right and your benefits clearly expressed then you can let the prospect make their own decision. Be a friend.