Thursday, August 26, 2010

Social Media Security


There are different ways to look at user data:

Some of it you give to the social networking site in confidence,
expecting the site to safeguard the data.
Some of it you publish openly and others use it to search for you. 
some of it you share only within a circle of other users.

At the back end, social networking sites can monetize all of the data:
generally by selling targeted advertising. Users often do not mind if
a site uses its data to target advertisements, but users are
less appreciative when it sells that data to third parties.

Different social networking sites give users different rights for each
data type:
Some are always private,
some are always public.
Some can be edited or deleted 
Some can be viewed and some cannot.

It is fundamental that users should have different rights with respect to
each data type. Users should be allowed to export, change, and delete disclosed data.