Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How To Motivate Your Affiliates Homebusiness Ideas

Seven things you can give your affiliates to keep them motivated to SELL:

Fair commissions: If you’re not giving your affiliates a significant portion of the business they refer to you, it’s simply not worth their while to promote you to their list and their visitors. After all, the credibility of their recommendation is on the line! We recommend you offer 20% to 50% commission on every sale. It might seem like a lot, but you wouldn’t have had that sale otherwise... OR any of the other revenue you’ll generate when that customer buys AGAIN, straight from you!

Timely response: Another way to make your affiliates feel loved is to provide great customer service. If they’re having trouble with some element of your program, make sure to follow up right away and get things sorted out. Not only will you ensure that your affiliates stay active, but you’ll also avoid the potential flip side of great affiliate marketing -- a bad public review of your program!

Salescopy: What’s so special about your product? Why can’t your customer do without it? You have the answers to these questions, so make sure your affiliates do, too! Give them plenty of benefit-rich copy to get your message across effectively to guarantee better conversions, which will make both you AND your affiliate happy!

Graphics and photos: What good is it to have your product promoted on another website if the ad or image doesn’t do it justice? Provide quality images and graphics for your affiliates so they can put YOUR best foot forward! That includes any banner or sidebar ads you provide, or photos for reviews. The best way to provide both copy AND graphics is to set up an Affiliate Resource Center on your website where affiliates can sign in to get everything they need.

Special deals or offers: Do your customers rush to take advantage of special offers and sales? Well, so will your affiliates! If you’re offering discounts or deals of any kind, make sure to let them know so they can use that angle to promote your products. Make sure to think up a few special deals for JUST your affiliates to offer, too!

Product updates: If you change any of your products in any way, let your affiliates know right away. It could create serious hassles for them if they’re misrepresenting what you offer (in terms of product features, pricing, etc.)

Timely payments: The BEST way to make your affiliates feel loved? Pay them commissions on time!Many people who run affiliate programs find this to be the biggest argument for using an affiliate management program or system... the payments are automatic and reliable. But if you can’t remember to pay people, don’t expect them to remember to talk about your product!

Extract from Kate Morrison