Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Shopping

So, December’s here. How’s your Christmas shopping going?

Zibbet has over 6,000 shops selling exclusively hand-made items and offering various membership options ranging from the free basic package to the $79-a-year premium package (all on a no-contract basis). For that you get your own personal domain, unlimited storage and bandwidth, training materials, Zibbet’s customer service and support, secure Verisign and PayPal checkouts, and access to the Zibbet community hub.

Handmadeology exists for the purpose of teaching artists how to successfully sell their handmade and digital goods online, and to feature the newest handmade, vintage, digital and supply items found around the web.

Their marketplace is: ‘a blog/resource for sellers that see over 5,000 readers everyday. With 20,000+ fans on Facebook and over 100,000 followers on Twitter, Handmadeology has the reach to help sellers get the exposure they need.’

Have Fun shopping and learn some new words:
The Oxford English Dictionary has named their word of the year. It is "selfie". They released a
list of new words that had been added this year. Some of the recently recognized words

bitcoin, buzzworthy, chandelier earring, digital detox, click and collect, double denim,
food baby, geek chic, grats, internet of things, phablet, space tourism, street food, twerk,
and unlike.
See the rest at

Merry Xmas and Have a Perfect Holiday