Sunday, July 14, 2019

Intelligence Explosion

The elaborate argument does not need an elaborate answer................. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Since the design of machines is an intellectual activity, an ultraintelligent machine could design an even better machine; creating an 'intelligence explosion.'

The intelligence of man would be left far behind, provided that machine is docile enough to tell us
how to keep it under control.

As the capabilities of AI systems improve and transition into broad areas of human life it would lead to overriding concern on its benefit on humanity.

The Arguments Are:
Could AI overwrite their original goals as set by humans?
Unconstrained success could bring huge risks.
How to optimise our chances of reaping the benefits while avoiding the risks

The virtues of AI include its capacity to exclude human bias; the speed and efficiency with which it operates outperformshuman capacity. These efficiencies must all be measured up against our most important values.

However, the human element of AI at the startup stage must be of the utmost ethical standard, if it’s programmed to be biased, it will be biased with greater efficiency.

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