Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fast Online Business Business Ideas

Join the world's LARGEST online marketplace.

There's no better way to start making money online (potentially thousands of dollars each month), than to start your own eBay business!

Over $60 BILLION changes hands on eBay every YEAR, so you've got a built-in market just waiting to buy what you're selling!

Unlike drop shipping and affiliate programs...... you don't even need a website to start making BIG profits!There are other reasons to consider eBay if you're looking to start making money right away:

No startup money required -- You can easily create an account with eBay, get your first listing up, and start making serious profits, for just a few cents

No business experience necessary -- You don't need to know ANYTHING about running a business to get started on eBay, so it's perfect for people who are just beginning to work for themselves

You don't need to be computer savvy -- If you know how to check your email, you have all the computer skills you NEED to start making profits on eBay!

ANYONE can start making money quickly and easily on eBay...... but to make really BIG money, it helps if you understand the more advanced strategies (i.e the ones that very few other "eBayers" know about).

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Value of Change Business Ideas
Lets talk about eBay:
A company who already had a clear track record of success, but recently made some BIG changes anyway!With over 84 MILLION active users spending almost $2,000 a second (that's $60 BILLION a year),
EBay is one of the true success stories in the short history of the Internet.Clearly, eBay wasn't broken. So why fix it??
Well, they're smart enough to know that resting on their laurels isn't the way to keep growing, or reacting to the needs of their customers.So over the past few months, they've been making some pretty radical changes.
The biggest change is that they've revamped the way their customer feedback system works... and it was a pretty risky change for eBay. But that's just the beginning!They've also changed the way some listings get ranked during a search, played around with minimum bid amounts, changed the way you qualify for coveted "Power Seller" status, and a bunch of other things.
There was a bit of an outcry at first from regular eBay sellers, who accused eBay of no longer caring about the "little guy" who made them successful in the first place.
But here's the thing about all of this change...these major changes that seem to have upset so many people are turning out to be HUGE WINS for everyone!
By fine-tuning their system, eBay is slowly discouraging the mountains of "hobby" sellers who list one or two-buck item once in a blue moon just for kicks...... and making it MUCH easier for serious professionals who want to use eBay to build a solid, full-time business.It's a SMART move on eBay's part, because they know it's these pros who make them the most money!
An excellent lesson about the value of focusing your efforts on your best customers! ;
So if you've been thinking about making changes to your business, but you've been afraid of any negative fallout, remember that change even those that ruffles a few feathers at first can create new opportunity for you AND your customers