Monday, April 27, 2009

Tackling Worklessness HomeBusiness

We are starting the our first of many series of Believe the Dream Seminars. We would be taking the audience through practical steps of:
Discovering your Passion
Communicating your Passion
Monetising your Passion
Managing your passion

"A Success Story, I believe for most people has been and still is to provide an adequate living for themselves and their family: that means a home, a measure of financial security, to have hope, to have opportunities and have time for their friends. Planning, preparation, perspiration, persistence, and opportunity are still very much part of the formula to achieve that Dream. Today, it may take several career changes, several new disciplines, several new associations and plenty of brainstorming during one's lifetime. It may mean moving to a different part of the country, or starting one's own business. Brainstorming is an extremely good way of scanning through your resource of knowledge. A brainstorm can work with an individual or a group. This technique requires the generation of as many ideas as quickly as possible to solve a problem. "

The first seminar will be held at Friends House on the 12th of May at 18:00pm. The venue Friends House was founded by a Christain religious group called Quakers in 1650 who believed Business and Marriage is a form of worship and in the depth of recession formed businesses like Sony, Barclays Bank, Llyods Group, Clarks, Cadbury, Oxfam, Imperial Oil (Exxon) which are still very successful to date.

Learn to turn your Passion into Business as we tackle Worklessness and Youth Crime.

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