Saturday, December 27, 2008

Capitalize On Seasonal Keywords Business Ideas

At this time of year, there's a substantial increase in searches based on gift-related keywords, as shoppers look for presents for their loved ones. For example...Hobby-Related Key Phrases:
Golf gift idea
Fishing gift idea

Video game gift Individual - Specific Key Phrases:
Christmas gift for Fisherman
Christmas gift for Plumber
Christmas gift for Student

So make sure you've set up a pay-per-click campaign to take advantage of these seasonal searches -- and you'll increase the number of holiday shoppers to your site almost IMMEDIATELY. But don't just write your ads and call it a day!

To get the highest possible conversion rate from your PPC campaign, you need to continue the theme of the keywords you're bidding on in the salescopy. So if someone comes to your website after searching with the keyphrase "Christmas Gift for Student," your copy on the landing page needs to explain why your product will make a good gift for a student. If there isn't a direct connection between the copy in the ad, and the copy on the page, visitors can easily feel they've landed on the wrong page... and leave again.

One final word of advice: Avoid more general keywords and phrases, such as "Christmas Gift". You won't get the kind of qualified traffic that you need.

See You at the Top