Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Socialize to Grow the Business


"Golf and Business can mix just fine if you remember why you’re really there. To have fun with your friends, treasure the golf, and enjoy the day."....Stephen Rayfield
You won't be promoted because you have a graduate degree. You may get promoted because of what you applied from graduate school, which is very different - it requires a lot more insight and effort.
You can double your business insight and effort by scocializing. Golf is only second to restaurants for generating the most effective business leads.
In a digital and social age, People are your channel to success; you don't own them, you don't rent them, you can't control them. You can only serve and support them.
Here two effective methods:
Empower your customers to be brand advocates

Treat your entire organization as your marketing team

Socializing with people is made a lot easier by intensive use of technology and data — not only to automate but to analyze and personalize. Technology brings speed and scale to what previously was impractical or unaffordable.

Social media monitoring enables you to listen and respond on problems on a global scale and in real-time.
Approximately 25% of Americans listen to podcasts regularly. Source: Arbitron
Here are some ways to be innovative;
1. Use a site like Odiogo or iSpeech – adding your blog to the site automatically generates a recording of the post in digital voice. Download regularly as it only stores the last 10 post by default.

2. According to ComScore data, SlideShare is the biggest content sharing community for professionals? According to info on the SlideShare site, 60 million people use it each month. That means it’s the perfect place for you to reach your peers.

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