Saturday, October 26, 2013

Follow with Ideas


The lack of innovation is not sudden, obvious or dramatic. It does not make headlines, you do not see or feel the dangers on a daily basis, It develops slowly over time, you become aware of them only when you realize you are stuck in an unprofitable business.



The fact is that good — and even great — ideas aren’t always accepted with open arms. In fact, new ideas are often met with fear, and sometimes anger. What is there to say? We like comfort and control. Risk, even if calculated, is not our thing

Follow with Innovative Ideas; Use the following 3 strategies

Convergence Thinking. A process by which the boundaries across industries, businesses, markets, geographies, customer experiences is pooled for ideas, resulting in new business opportunities and customer value.By leveraging on technology, competition and customer you can provide leadership and design a future for your industry.

Orthodox Overturn. By learning new tools, techniques, and methods, you can Identify old organizational labits and legacy systems that serves as bottlenecks to innovation and growth. These allows for breakthroughs in applications and management.

Challenging orthodoxies can provide clarity needed to improve your business model, products, services, processes, customer experience, or brand. Starbuck has this one checked

Frugal Thinking. Scarcity of time and resources is the primary driver for frugallity that forces individuals and companies to be highly creative. It is not about being cheap, it is about the origin of successful start ups.

Even large companies can be successful corporate innovators by tapping into the right internal and external resources. You dont need a big budget R&D to be innovative.

Teach and practice these skills to keep your innovation pipeline full.

Twitter StatisticsTwitter Advertising Revenue 2013 (Projected)     $399,500,000
Twitter Stock Market Valuation (Projected)          $20 billion
Total number of registered Twitter users              554,750,000
Number of active Twitter users every month      115 million
Number of new users signing up everyday          135,000
Unique Twitter site visitors every month             190 million
Number of tweets that happen every second     9,100
Average number of tweets per day                       58 million
Twitter search engine queries every day              2.1 billion
Percent of users who use their phone to tweet  43 %
Number of people employed by Twitter              2,500

Great entrepreneurs, innovators, marketers, you name it, know that a good idea won’t stand alone on its own merits; it needs to be accompanied by an argument of equal or greater value.

Monday, October 07, 2013

The Global Top Brands


Apple just ended Coca Cola 13 years dominance as the most valuable brand.

What did Apple and Google Do Right?

Read blog to find out.....................See you at the top