Monday, January 21, 2013

The Magnetism of Stupidity

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness - Chinese proverb

Most executives rarely think that organizational inefficiencies start with
their own management team’s stupidity.

The combination of intelligence in different people is more difficult
than the combination of stupidity. This isn’t only because the power of stupidity is generally underestimated and its consequences often  unpredictable but;

“Stupidity is brainless; it doesn’t need to think, get organized, or plan ahead to generate a combined effect.......Giancarlo Livraghi

When elements of the management team are dysfunctional they soon start recruiting people with similar traits, the organization becomes polarized  with massive pool of super stupid.

Teamwork is also stifled when management has not clearly communicated their vision and strategic plan to the organization as a whole.

This management inefficiencies soon runs the entire organization into extinction

Look out for the following dysfunctional trait:

         Super-human that does not need the help of anyone
         He does his own thing without asking the advice or input of anyone
         So smart that simple communication with anyone on the team is an  absolute waste of their time and energy
         You just don’t know what their temperament will be.
         Everything has got to go their way and can not see beyond themselves

Coincidence can put wise words in anyone's mouth.........But the transfer of intelligence is a much more complex process

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