Tuesday, February 23, 2021


I am not here to think but to be, feel, live............Johann Gotfried Von Herder (1744---1803) German critic and philosopher

As we enter a new decade, we must cultivate our culture and go forward with agility, creativity and a beginner’s mind  

Hope these Nuggets will help you Cultivate a New Normal and keep you Thinking:

  • An immersive workspace is no longer limited to a desk in our Offices; the 9-to-5 workday and the employee experience of meeting rooms and snacks.

  • In a matter of weeks, technologies that once seemed futuristic became part of our everyday lives. The pandemic turned the entire tech jargon into a catalog of solutions that would keep families and friends connected, businesses operational and health care running for patients. 

  • Nations should launch a digital currency – and back it with digital gold. More broadly, champion decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to attract international capital, strengthen monetary policy, deter financial fraud, accelerate technological development

  • Technology capitals and financial centers like Switzerland and Singapore have taken positions that are highly favorable to cryptocurrency. The right crypto policy would not cause capital flight but capital landing.


  • The World Bank: “Cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocols are part of a tidal wave of new technologies that is changing the way production and commerce are organized.”

  • US Treasury Secretary: “Bitcoin is here to stay” and the “financial industry will adopt the technology underpinning bitcoin.”

  • China is quickly closing the once formidable lead the U.S. maintained on AI research. Chinese researchers now publish more papers on AI and secure more patents than U.S. researchers do. 

  • Any computer brings with it the risk of hacking. This is true of our computers and phones, and it’s also true about all of the Internet-of-Things devices, social media that are increasingly part of our lives. Unconnected options are increasingly hard to find including cars. 

  • We must nurture our freedom every day, and defend our institutions against the corrosive power of hate speech, of disinformation, fake news and incitement to violence. In a world where polarizing opinions are the loudest, it is a short step from crude conspiracy theories

  • While any form of exercise has been shown to activate the brain, when you weigh what activity you can do almost every day, with little preparation, minimal effort, no special equipment, and that can contract or expand to fit the exact amount of time you have available, it’s walking. It is a proven creativity booster

Charles Darwin, Friedrich Nietzsche, William Wordsworth, and Aristotle were all obsessive walkers, using the rhythm of walking to help them generate ideas. 

 See You at the Top