Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Creative Client Relationships

True and False are attributes of speech, not of things. And where speech is not, there is neither Truth nor Falsehood..........Thomas Hobbes (English philosopher 1588-1679)

The art of writing and speaking brings clarity, passion and vision to the act of living

Leverage your current client relationships to drive new business by creating a personal and human connection

We have learned that marketing messages need to be personally relevant, aligned to an individual’s situation and values, as opposed to just demographics, such as age and gender. 

EY has identified five different cohorts of consumers:

  • Affordability first (32% of consumers): Living within their means and budget, focusing less on brands and more on product functionality.
  • Experience first (12%): Living in the moment to make the most of life, often making them open to new products, brands, and experiences.
  • Health first (25%): Protecting their health and that of their family, choosing products they trust to be safe and minimizing risks in the way that they shop.
  • Society first (15%): Working together for the greater good, buying from organizations they find to be honest and transparent.
  • Planet first (16%): Trying to minimize their impact on environment and buying brands that reflect their beliefs.

Utilizing customer segmentation and personas can bring deeper insights to media strategies and creative marketing approaches. Better still, these insights can be carried through to inform the full customer journey.

We must use data as the fuel yet respect the craft of storytelling to drive meaningful human connections. 

The data also suggest that the appeal of cash is decreasing as they are expensive to print, manage and store, eventually cash will be replaced by something in digital format. 

A marketing message that offers digital payment option including crypto will connect instantly with your clients

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