Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Tweak 1% for 100% Improvement

Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but on error also...... Carl Gustav Jung

The most effective form of self-care in radically traditional leadership is caring for others.

Isolation can have an effect on the human mind; a loss of proportion, an obsession with detail and an inability to see the larger picture.”
Leadership can be similarly isolating and no one in a leader’s orbit is neutral:

Electorates need food, shelter, security and infrastructure
Direct reports have their own teams to worry about.
Employees depend on their jobs,
Investors demand key milestones,
Customers need solutions.
Board members are shareholders first and mentors second.
Friends and family struggle to understand the burden of the job.

Leaders need a 1% tweak in self-awareness and clarity to remain a source of inspiration, guidance, and vision for their teams.
Businesses need a stable core with a disruptive edge and a 1% tweak in strategy to stay ahead.

A Few Tweaks:

1- Most companies expand into foreign markets with local business partners why not also engage digital influencers
   Digital influence is an extension of the age-old practice of word of mouth via virtual platforms
   to reach mass audiences in localities around the world. It’s time for marketing departments to recognize the potential of these
   new local voices and engage them to accelerate global expansion
2- Most businesses focus on owning resources and growing, why not to shape society and share expertise
3- Most companies strive to own talent and reduce staff turnover, why not employ part-time staff (critical experts) deliberately,
   to stay fresh with continuous flow of new ideas.
4- Most organisations try to be efficient, by putting similar units together, why not disrupt and generate creative accidents, working on different projects,
   to create movement and bumps. So employees from different disciplines continually question each other, share problems, ideas, and opportunities
5- Most organisations change their leaders every five years, why not keep them in place for more than 10. Not just at the top of the organization, but
   two or three levels further down, where key knowledge and influence resides.
6- Most businesses patent their discoveries why not also find great things to do and share them with the world particularly with kids through
   books, articles and films. NASA engineers publish their work online

Most businesses are looking for large breakthroughs, why not make tiny tweaks, as they are easier to achieve and more difficult to imitate.

See You at the Top

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