Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Lottery of Greed

Face famous, money rich, inspiring powerful entrepreneur is a selfish flatter coated in greed......Emmanuel Sodipo

The grandest goal seems to acquire and to own as much as you can and sit on it;

  • To own Patents that turn ideas into property, Even though the idea has been around for a long time in a different form.
  • To own Real estate location that converts fresh air into property
  • To own copyright to many books, when the books are really store houses of borrowed ideas
These Properties are, acquired, hoarded and seldom shared but often displayed in a museum for the greedy to attest to their power of purchase.

If you play the lottery then you must win .........but the odds are against you, only 2% chance of winning.

What is new?

Partnerships by large and successful companies/enterprenuer with start-ups for joint incubation of innovative business ideas.

Despite all their resources in patents and real estate, large companies realize they can not tackle the challenges of the eco system alone.

They need to tap into young, entrepreneurial companies filled with restless minds, and passionate innovators.

These start-ups in return benefit from their resources, customer relationships, expertise, and scale of the established companies.
GE has created GE Ventures, a group in Silicon Valley that spends their time not just investing ($150 million annually), but also forming technical and commercial collaborations with startups in energy, health, software, and advanced manufacturing

Win/Win............No losers