Saturday, May 26, 2018

Ideas in the Air

Saturate yourself through and through with your subject . . . and wait. —lloyd morGA

Are There Ideas in the Air? There are several scientific discoveries made by separate people working independently in different parts of the world at around the same time.

These coincedences raises the possible question— are there ideas/inspiration “in the air?
If So;

Why can’t that person be You?

These ideas “in the air” are waiting to be snatched up by the right person at the right time in history,
Some Ideas Discovered :

■ Telescope: Hans Lippershey, James Metius, and Zacharias Jansen each independently invented the telescope around the same time. (1608)
■ Electricity: Thomas Fran├žois D’Alibard and Benjamin Frank- lin each independently captured electricity at around
the same time. (1750–1752)
■ Oxygen: Joseph Priestley and Carl Wilhelm Scheele each discovered the molecules that make up oxygen at around the same time. (1773–1774)
■ Telephone: Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell each independently discovered the telephone at around the same time. (both in 1876) 
■ Social Networking: Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook at around the same time that Tom Anderson invented  MySpace. (2003–2004)

In order to “receive” the ideas in the air, you have to deliberately and consciously scan your environment for ideas that arerelevant to your task.

To capture new ideas, you have to make a new choice about what is relevant.
Then you have to focus to isolate noise
Then you have to record those ideas as they come

Nothing or Nowhere is Useless; Wealth or Poverty, Urban or Rural, Extrovert or Introvert............just be a Willing Vessel

Capture the Ideas in Your Environment

See You at the Top