Saturday, July 01, 2017

The Green of Business Health

We are collectively suffering from “nature-deficit disorder,” which hurts us mentally, physically, and even spiritually......Richard Louv

Research suggests that investing in landscaping our domain with plants will pay off through an increase quality of life and productivity

Corporations can significantly reduce organizational health costs by introducing more green spaces and plants into an office space. Adding a little wilderness to your environment may just be the smartest move you can do this year.

Corporations like Google prioritize biophilia as a core design principle with these interventions you can reduce everyday stress and also boost general health

Taking walks in nature lowers anxiety and depression while boosting total well-being
Even a very small exposure to nature – as little as five minutes – can produce dramatic benefits, especially when coupled with exercise like walking or running

Ways to go Greener:
Encourage walking meetings outside.
Encourage naturally lit areas for breaks and lunch.
Create an indoor garden or a vertical “green wall.”
Move your creative space closer to a park or natural environment.
Display nature photography or artwork.
Play nature videos on your display screens

Go green, improve your creativity, health and reduce your ecological footprint..

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