Monday, December 21, 2009

Choosing a Mentor HomeBusiness

Selecting a mentor should be taken seriously, it is not just a matter of finding someone you like. Choose mentors that have genuine history of success.

There are several people who look only at superficially successful people as role models for their own goals, do not make such mistake.
For instance there is a good chance that some of the companies cited as models of efficiency in the top selling business books and magazines will be out of business in the next five years.
There is a need for great care in selecting a mentor whose success will stand the test of time.
Choose based on their achievement of goals that are similar to yours, they should have overcome some of the obstacles you are facing.

Ideally, a mentor really represents both the challenges you face and what you intend to become in a particular area of your life.
Merry Xmas. Enjoy the festive season, this is a season for family, friends and love, make the best of it. Get close to family, make new friends and find true love. See you in the New Year